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Grey's Anatomy Signature Scrubs

The Grey's Anatomy nursing scrubs collection needs no further introduction. A favorite among medical professionals, it is well-known for its attractive style, perfect fit and the arcLux technology that is used in the fabric to give theses scrubs an unreal softness.

What may need some introduction though, is the Grey's Anatomy Signature series. This newly launched collection is something that up until now you have only been able to dream of! It combines the style, fit and comfort you've come to love in the Grey's Anatomy scrubs and adds just the right amount of stretch to the fabric to give you that freedom of movement you may have been missing. Already available in several styles and colors, the Grey's Anatomy Signature Scrubs are quickly becoming a must-have for the discerning scrub wearer.

The detailing on each scrub makes you feel as if you're dressed for a special occasion. There are v-necks and mock wraps, fitted waists and drawstring pants and the 2118 scrub top has embroidery at the top for a really elegant look. The colors are "heathered" for some added zing and with new styles always being added, you will never get bored of your favorite scrubs.

So check out the new Grey's Anatomy Signature scrubs and you'll wonder how you ever lived without them!

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